Due to Covid our gigs at Apollo Turku have been postponed.


Hola! It's been a long stinking time, but things are looking up, and we're soooooo ready to play again. We've been jamming weekly to keep our chops sharp, going through old stuff and creating new rad versions of tunes you didn't know you wanted to hear again.
So, to start things off, we're doing a hometown gig at Suntti in Pargas on Saturday July 24th. Tickets go on sale on Tuesday July 6th, so be sure to go down there and get yours. There's a very limited number of tickets! The show starts at 22.00, so there's plenty of time to parteeeeh both before and after the show (and of course, during. Duh!). Super duper, party trooper! See you at Suntti, innit!!!

More corona cancellations

Hi peeps! Due to the ongoing shitball of a situation, most of our gigs for the fall have been cancelled. There are still a couple of weekends left, but it doesn't look to good. We'll just have to wait and see what happens.
Trying times for many of us, but the nightclubs, bars and cruise lines are really struggling through this. When it's safe to do so again, please support them!

Coronavirus cancellations

Hey there! Due to the coronavirus, all of our gigs during the spring have been cancelled. Sucks gargantuan balls, but what's a band to do... Hope it all blows over soon. Stay safe, and stay at home!

THU 25/11 TURKU-STHLM Viking Grace
FRI 26/11 TURKU-STHLM Viking Grace
FRI 3/12 VASA-UMEÅ Wasaline
SAT 4/12 VASA-UMEÅ Wasaline
FRI 10/12 HELSINKI Apollo Live Club
SAT 11/12 HELSINKI Apollo Live Club